A vision without excavation damage

On May 31, 2022, the Telecom Agency announced the figures for excavation damage in 2021. Just like in previous years, where hopes were set on a trend break in the excavation damage figures, unfortunately no decrease was shown. Causes differ, but the period in which the excavation chain is given the space and support to make a difference independently, has come to an end.

Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte 2022

Cause and effect of damage
Causes of excavation damage differ. Inaccuracy is the biggest cause. For example, due to inaccurate measurements of cables and pipes during the construction or revisions of, for example, house connections, as a result of which excavation work takes place on the basis of bad data.

The consequences of excavation damage go beyond extra costs. Social nuisance arises in the form of nuisance to residents; breaking open streets or, for example, temporarily no facilities, such as water, gas, electricity or telecom.

What’s next?
To prevent further, unnecessary damage, the Digitaal Samenwerkingsplatform (DSP) focuses on process improvement. Support will remain, but the emphasis will be placed more emphatically on monitoring and sanctioning. 1 October 2022 sees the DSP as a tipping point. From that date, the preference for accurate, digital GPS measurements will be strongly expressed.

Responding to the new guidelines
Geodirect has been committed to process improvement for years. One part of this is the Digital Mechanic. A technician who uses the right resources to quickly, easily and accurately measure an open trench on the basis of coordinates, so without having to sketch yourself. The same technician can automatically send measurements to the office without specialist knowledge, from where the data can be transferred to the DSP. A process that can be performed faster, more accurately and simply. An optimized process that fully complies with the new guidelines from the DSP!

Improve competitive position
The “Digital Mechanic” is an opportunity for (sub)contractors to remain relevant for the DSP and thus to strengthen their competitive position. Geodirect helps with the retraining. The retraining is done within a day. After the retraining, the support from Geodirect is free of charge and always tailor-made; remotely if possible, on location when needed!

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