Stricter guidelines for house connections from the DSP

Geodirect focuses on optimizing and making work processes more sustainable, in which positioning and geo-information play a role. Now, more than ever, we see the relevance of our investments and developments in the field of “The Digital Mechanic”.

Centimeter accurate digital measurement

Working with the right tools
The Digitaal Samenwerkingsplatform  (DSP) has decided to tighten up the guidelines in the field of accurate and reliable data registration from 1 October. A perfect fit for Geodirect, which can be seen as a frontrunner in this area. With the resources of Geodirect, a party is, for example, able to measure home connections with centimeter-accuracy in a short time and to handle communication flows fully automatically using Stonex GPS systems and the user-friendly Geolantis.360 software platform.

Digital is the new norm
Parties that are connected to the DSP, that are active in the soil and are currently still measuring analogously using a measuring tape, will quickly notice the consequences of the new guidelines. The goal of the DSP is reliable, digital recording of accurately measured data. The aim is not only to reduce unnecessary and error-prone paper and communication flows, but also to combat the resulting excavation damage (social nuisance).

Win-win situation
Geodirect, which has been investing for years in the optimization of the aforementioned work processes, offers tailor-made training courses to parties who want to take a step into the future from analog processes (or non-optimized digital processes); to strengthen their competitive position, save time and costs on their work processes and now want to comply with the stricter guidelines of the DSP.

With Geodirect, the engineer at work can count on a reliable, pleasant and professional working method. Specialist knowledge is taken over by software, the labor intensity decreases, but the result is optimal.

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