Introduction new Stonex S980+ and S990+ RTK GNSS receivers

We are very excited to announce the latest additions to the Stonex GNSS receiver family – the S980+ and S990+. Together with the recent release of the new S850+ and S900+, there is a GNSS receiver for every survey challenge in our product portfolio.

The Stonex S980+ is a highly efficient receiver, with a colour touch screen display and the ability to connect an external antenna, transforming it from an RTK receiver to a CORS receiver. With a 4G GSM modem, Bluetooth and WiFi module and a built-in 2-5W radio, the S980+ is the perfect receiver as a portable base station. It also has optional IMU technology with fast initialisation and up to 60° tilt, and a 1PPS port that can be used in applications where precise timing is required.

Discover the new Stonex S980+ RTK GNSS receiver via this link.

The Stonex S990+ is a 1408 channel GNSS receiver with features that improve survey performance in the field. It also supports all major connectivity features including Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF radio and a 4G modem. The internal 10,200 mAh battery provides 10 hours of operation and can be recharged via a USB Type-C port. The S990+ features the same IMU technology as the S980+ with fast initialisation and tilt measurements up to 60°. It also has an integrated UHF dual frequency radio, 410-470MHz and 902.4-928MHz, and a 1PPS port for precise timing applications.

Discover the new Stonex S990+ RTK GNSS receiver by following this link.

The new Stonex S980+ and S990+ receivers are available now. Please contact us for an on-site demonstration, we would be delighted to show you the amazing features of these new GNSS instruments.