Introduction new Stonex XH120 SLAM 3D hand scanner

The Stonex XH120 handheld 3D scanner is based on the newest Stonex SLAM technology. This powerful scanner allows easy and fast capture of 3D models indoor & outdoor.
You don’t need multiple scan stations, just move around the scene and collect in minutes the entire 3D point cloud. With the XH120 you can download the full data right after the capture. The Stonex SLAM technology has the best in class sensors and real time processing: more range, more speed, more resolution, greater field of view, more reliability. Combine indoor & outdoor data, even in the most demanding environments. See your scanning progress in real time and control XH120 with your tablet or smartphone. The newXH120 handheld 3D scanner is available immediately. For more information, visit the Stonex XH120 product page.