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Stonex UT12P

Stonex rugged tablets are ergonomic, rugged and ready for any task. They combine powerful computing performance with optimal reliability in the toughest conditions. The UT12P rugged Android tablet is designed for long periods of uninterrupted use and is optimised for demanding tasks.


A familiar device for use in the field

The Stonex UT12P is designed for users who prefer a tablet in the form of a large smartphone, with an easy-to-read screen and familiar controls using standard touch gestures. This rugged device is optimised for long-term use and can handle heavy-duty tasks and applications. The UT12P works anywhere, anytime.

Extremely rugged and durable

Designed for use in the most extreme conditions, the Stonex UT12P rugged 6″ Android tablet is built to last. This unbeatable rugged tablet is resistant to water (even when fully submerged) and dust, severe vibration, very high or low temperatures and repeated drops. The compact UT12P is IP67-rated and has a powerful 8000 mAh battery for a full working day.




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