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Stonex A30

The Stonex A30 has a specially developed telescope for an unsurpassed sharp and clear image, which puts less strain on your eyes. The instrument is compact and very well sealed against water and dust, according to IP66. Quick setup, easy sensing and superior vibration and shock compensation ensure increased productivity and accuracy.

Stonex A30 auto level

The Stonex A30 level minimizes human error and maximizes convenience, increasing productivity and performance. The Stonex A30 guarantees accurate measurements. The standard deviation is only 1.5 mm per kilometer of continuous leveling. Characteristic of the A30 is the precise automatic compensation and the very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This results in an extremely stable line of sight, which means that the observer is less disturbed by readings near busy roads or heavy equipment. Error reducing features, such as the tilt sensor, help the observer avoid erroneous readings once the instrument moves out of the compensator range.




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