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Stonex D2

The Stonex D2 is the ideal digital level for very accurate surveying in combination with great ease of use and fast operation. The instrument is extremely suitable for surveying applications in construction & infrastructure. The Stonex D2 makes digital leveling accessible to everyone, thanks to the excellent price-quality ratio.

Stonex D2 Digital Level

The unrivaled measurement speed of less than 3 seconds combined with a handy trigger button to start measurements contribute to a fast and efficient workflow. The digital readings ensure that erroneous observations and interpretation errors are eliminated. The levels are stored in the instrument’s internal memory. The memory has space for 2000 points. The ability to switch between manual and automatic point numbering allows you to document your measurements on the fly and increases flexibility. Extensive field tests confirm the extremely high accuracy. The standard deviation is only 0.7 mm per kilometer of continuous leveling, in combination with the precision barcode staff. This also makes the Stonex D2 an ideal leveling instrument for applications requiring constant precision, such as deformation measurements.




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