geodirect total stations

Stonex R180

The Stonex R180 is a highly accurate and fast Robotic Total Station, based on the Android operating system. The instrument has a rotation speed of 180° per second and an EDM accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm, with a measurement range of up to 1,000 metres without a prism. The Stonex R180 is available in 0.5″ or 1″ angular accuracy. For both models, noiseless instrument rotation and smooth prism search are among the most appreciated features.


Android OS based with Cube-a software onboard

The Stonex R180 is equipped with the Android operating system and features Cube-a as built-in software. This allows users to navigate and work with the touchscreen in a simple and familiar way. Stonex Cube-a onboard software includes all classic functions of the programme and also offers full integration of jobs performed with GNSS and Total Station. This allows the user to perform all common measuring tasks in a short time and with high accuracy.

Equipped with camera and guide light

The instrument features an integrated camera and guide light to further facilitate fieldwork. The Stonex R180 Robotic Total Station has a rotation speed of 180° per second, making it one of the fastest instruments in its category. The instrument is not only fast, but also impressively quiet, with noise levels among the lowest in its class.

Stonex Tdrive technology, extremely fast and quiet

Stonex Tdrive technology, with a very high-speed motor, allows tracking at high speed, even when prisms are installed on moving vehicles. By avoiding the use of gear technology, the instrument features a frictionless drive, ensuring increased durability and reduced maintenance.

Integrated surveying with Stonex OnePole

Combined with the Stonex Cube-a app for Android, the Stonex R180 can be used as an integrated “OnePole” measuring system. The OnePole solution combines the millimetre accuracy of the Stonex R180 Robotic Total Station with the flexibility of a Stonex S-Series RTK GNSS receiver. The ability to combine and use both systems simultaneously ensures better measurement results and increased efficiency.




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