geodirect total stations

Stonex R20

Stonex Total Stations are easy to use and designed to meet all user needs. The Stonex R20 combines functionality and reliability with 2″ angular accuracy. This instrument delivers optimal measurement results up to 5000 meters with prism and measures up to 600 meters without reflector.

Stonex R20 Total Station

The high-quality telescope with reticle illumination offers the best observation quality and optimal view in any environmental condition. The instrument has onboard software with built-in functions that make the Stonex R20 extremely suitable for surveying on any construction site. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, every user can immediately start using the device. In addition, the Stonex R20 offers the possibility to connect a controller or tablet to the instrument completely wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection, leaving the user free to use other software, such as Cube-A for Android tablets and handheld controllers.




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