geodirect drone software


Our drone software solutions are used by users around the world from planning flight missions to generating point clouds, digital terrain models, orthophotos and many other products based on aerial photogrammetry. With PIX4Dfield’s drone mapping software for precision farming, you can achieve maximum yields by analyzing crop growth.


The data collected using a drone can be easily processed into RGB images for quick inspections, in which you can mark the locations on a plot that require extra attention. If your drone is equipped with a multispectral camera, you can perform more extensive analyses.

By using PIX4Dfields you are no longer dependent on third parties and you have the most innovative tools at your disposal to determine exactly where water, fertilizer or pesticides are needed.

For the very best results with PIX4Dfields, we recommend the use of the WingtraOne VTOL drone, combined with a Stonex GNSS receiver for the measurement of GCPs (fit points) and validation of the accuracy.




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