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Stonex Cube-3d

Stonex Cube-3d is a unique photogrammetric drone mapping software solution that generates survey grade 3D metric point clouds based on 2D images of any terrain or object, mapped by using any drone, UAV or camera.


Stonex Cube-3d features useful tools to manipulate data, measure point clouds in 3D (on the fly), create orthophotos, calculate volumes at the touch of a button, generate fully textured 3D digital terrain models and perform complex geometric calculations. all packaged in one software solution. Unlike other drone mapping applications, Stonex Cube-3d has been specifically developed for surveyors. By adding the software and a drone as standard measuring equipment, surveyors can survey faster and more safely, resulting in a realistic representation of reality and 3D models with greater accuracy and point density than obtained with traditional measuring methods. For the very best results with Stonex Cube-3d software, we recommend the use of the WingtraOne, Yuneec’s professional drones or the Phantom 4 (RTK), combined with a Stonex GNSS receiver for GCP measurements and validation of the accuracy.




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