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Wingtra One

WingtraOne is a professional VTOL (vertical take off and landing) surveying drone. The WingtraOne covers large areas with high resolution and maximum accuracy down to 1 centimetre. Whether it’s a motorway, an industrial area or a dike section, the WingtraOne allows you to handle large projects that were previously difficult or impossible to map with a drone. And it takes a fraction of the time.

wingtra one vtol drone

Its vertical take-off and landing capabilities allow the WingtraOne to take off and land like a quadcopter. For the mapping mission, the drone transitions to forward cruise flight at the set altitude, making full use of all the advantages in terms of endurance, stability and the speed of a fixedwing UAV. To land, the WingtraOne switches back to hover mode and then descends vertically.

Unlike aircraft that need to be catapulted with a launch pad or launched from handheld directly into cruise flight, the WingtraOne needs a minimal area (2 x 2 metres) to safely take off and land. Where other drones make a belly landing, thus posing a hazard to the environment in addition to possible damage to the aircraft, the WingtraOne VTOL drone is the only, safe option if you are considering the deployment of a fixedwing drone.

The WingtraOne increases the precision and efficiency of surveying surveying with an unprecedented combination of image resolution, accuracy and flight time. Using a 42 MP camera and the integrated PPK module, the WingtraOne VTOL drone covers hundreds of hectares with a maximum resolution of 0.7 cm/px.




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