Wingtra 2.7 update

The latest update from Wingtra once again provides a major step in ease of use and security.  And in addition to the other major updates, WingtraOne is now the first fixed-wing drone in the world with a fully automatic and definable Return-To-Home (RTH) flight path selection. In addition, with the 2.7 update you are better prepared for the upcoming changes in legislation and regulations regarding Remote ID.

WingtraOne Update 2.7

Wingtra 2.7 Update
The main changes:

  • From now on, the WingtraOn returns to home via an energy-efficient route that is safe from terrain crashes. To make this possible, elements of the flight plan are reused instead of always returning in a straight line. So when the flight plan is made with common sense, the RTH is guaranteed to be safe.
  • Instead of the former standard circular geofence you can now define your flight plan using a polygon and this can be created with a KML file.
  • For mapping tasks involving multiple flights, the WingtraOne can now resume the exact flight from the spot of the previous completed flight, even if it is in the middle of a sweep.
  • No more loiter waypoints are needed between individual areas or corridors. So the scheduling interface is less cluttered, it’s easier to rearrange flight plan elements, and scheduling errors are less likely to occur.
  • Logic for height above ground is simpler as “minimum RTH height” and “minimum ground clearance” have been replaced with one option: “minimum height above ground”. Just set the value and you can make sure the drone never flies under it except during takeoff/landing.
  • Wingtra has introduced a new parameter “maximum height above the ground” so that you never fly higher above the ground than your set value.

Interview with product manager Julian Surber
Read all about the 2.7 update on Wingtra’s website in an interview with product manager Julian Surber: